Domain Coordinates

All the datasets are provided in the UTM 17N (WGS84) projection. The boundary information is:

Top         4135816.67952
Left         57548.6334476
Right       773548.633448
Bottom    3525816.67952

The cellsize is 1000 meter, thus there are 610 rows and 716 columns in total over the whole domain. The latitude and longitude at grid center are provided below. Ocean area is filled with NaN. Missing data is represented by -9999. The domain geographic information is the same for all the data under "Time-invariant Datasets" and "Time-variant Datasets".



Download Domain Coordinates:

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IPHEx-HAP(H4SE) Study Domain Coordinates - Latitude at grid center

IPHEx-HAP(H4SE) Study Domain Coordinates - Longititude at grid center