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IPHEX2014 Science Plan - V4 doi: 10.7924/G8CC0XMR. Click to download (Please login first)


IPHEX H4SE Documents

Precipitation Products Report; doi:10.7924/G8MW2F2W. Click to download.

Atmospheric Forcing Datasets Report; doi:10.7924/G8RN35S6. Click to download.

Landscape Attributes Dataset Report; <doi:10.7924/G8H41PBG. Click to download .


Poster presentation at the 6th International Workshop for GPM Ground Validation , 5-7 November 2013, Rome, Italy.

Duan, Y. and Barros, A.P., 2013: Satellite Remote Sensing of Precipitation in Complex Terrain - Analysis of TRMM PR V7 Rainfall Estimates in the Southern Appalachians .